The Value of You

Have you ever considered your personal value? Or what value you bring to your loved ones?

Take our personal value test here to learn more about your value profile type, what’s important to you, how others see you and any areas that you may be undervaluing in life.

Show me my value

The Value of You

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Think about the following aspects of your life. How important or valuable are each of the following areas of life to you?
Please rank each from 1 (most valuable) to 6 (least valuable) by dragging the arrow icon up or down.
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Of each of the two options, which is most valuable to you?
Use the slider to indicate to what extent each option is more or less valuable.
Friends who are dependable and always there
Friends who are exciting and spontaneous
Receiving a heartfelt compliment
Receiving a gift
Sharing memorable experiences with family/loved ones
Treating yourself (e.g. holidays, shopping, pampering etc)
How would you describe yourself on the following scales?
Dependable and reliable
Spontaneous and exciting
Wear my heart on my sleeve
Keep my feelings private
I value possessions
I value experiences
I feel settled in life
My life is full of spontaneity and change
To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements?

The most valuable contribution I make to my family / loved ones is financial

I struggle to understand the value I provide to my family / loved ones

Thinking about the contribution you make to the lives of your family and loved ones.
How much value to others do you feel you provide through doing each of the following?
Please rank from 1 to 6 your contribution to the lives of your family and loved ones, where 1 is your most valuable contribution and 6 is your least valuable contribution by dragging the arrow icon up or down.
  • 1
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Thinking just about the way you value your contributions to your family and loved ones. Which of the following, if any, apply to you?
Please select any that apply:
Thinking about all the ways you provide value, including financial and other ways.
How much do you value yourself? That is, what is your personal value? If you don’t know exactly, an estimate is ok.

You are a Conscientious Carer

like 28% of Australians.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and highly value the emotional support you give to your family and loved ones. You are the type of person who tends to have long term relationships and like to feel well supported by others. You can feel unsure about the decisions you make sometimes.

Others often see you as reliable, dependable and generous.

You may question the decisions you make in life and sometimes wish you’d done things differently. You tend to highly value the emotional support that you provide to loved ones and see it as more important than the financial contributions you make. Work tends to be less of a priority for you.

You are a Family Focused Optimist

like 32% of Australians.

You take a family orientated approach to life. Providing emotional support to your family and loved ones is very important to you and you generally prefer to support others by being physically and emotionally there for them rather than showing support by buying material things. Taking care of your mental and physical health is also important to you.

Others often think of you as reliable, dependable as well as generous and optimistic.

You tend to be focussed on your immediate circle of family and friends as they are a high priority for you. You have a positive outlook on life and place less importance on your career than other areas of your life.

You are a Gregarious Go-Getter

like 24% of Australians.

You are career-driven and community-aware. You are often having fun and live a life full of spontaneity and change. You like to have nice things around you and enjoy sharing them with your family. You recognise the importance of ‘giving back’ to the community and would like to give more time and attention to others. In your relationships, you sometimes feel like you give a lot more than you receive, whether that’s with your family, friends, or loved ones. You sometimes compare yourself to others as a measure of how you’re doing in life.

Others may describe you as brave and fearless.

You are inclined to underestimate the value and emotional support that you provide to your family and loved ones. You strive to have a successful career and may undervalue the importance of taking care of your physical and mental health.

You are an Ambitious Organiser

like 16% of Australians.

Having a successful career is important to you and something you take pride in. You like to have fun and embrace change by being spontaneous. You are highly driven and want to succeed financially so you can provide for yourself, your family, and have nice things around you. This may mean you sometimes find yourself sacrificing your long-term happiness to focus on work.

Others may think of you as charming and fearless.

You may underestimate how valuable your emotional support and time can be for your family and loved ones. You tend to place less importance on taking care of your physical and mental health.

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